Projects & Clients

TAP needed to rethink its brand strategic positioning. iMatch designed a project to promote a reflection, involving the communication agency as well as TAP decision makers.The output was a contribution to the current positioning of TAP and the campaign “Braços Abertos”, which stimulated the company to a new positioning.
BMW was commited to improve its customer satisfaction. iMatch developed a specific customer focus program with a set of collaborative activities. This tailored program had 1050 people directly involved, produced 500 ideas for improving customer satisfaction and established a new set of commitments with the company’s clients.
Vichy wanted to launch a new brand, without jeopardizing its mother brand. iMatch developed a specific brand launch program, gathering and working multidisciplinary team. Over 20 people were involved in this process developing a brand launch positioning, from over 210 ideas produced and 24 concepts created.
Nobre needed to fill its pipeline of new products for the following years. Given this, iMatch developed a fast innovation program, in order to rethink this food category for better results. In the end of this process over 70 people were directly involved, 1450 ideas were generated, and 145 concepts created from which 50 were putted to the test.
Optimus wanted to find creative solutions through an energyzing activity. iMatch designed a new creativity contest, where several teams of participants had to come up with new ideas. The outcome was an engaging and fun activity with over 110 people directly involved.
CSM Iberia needed to improve the quality of life of its clients, the bakers. iMatch designed an Innovation Acceleration program to generate ideas that improve customers businesses and lifes through new products, services and relationship programs. Over 40 people were directly involved, generating 755 ideas, 32 concepts and 16 projects.
Roche wanted to improve the market approach by reinforcing quality and trust of commercial and marketing teams. A route to market innovation workshop was conceived, involving the marketing team and generating strategic outputs.
Nestlé needed to fight DOB´s (Distribution own brands) in the Cereals category, leveraging its differentiation arguments and obeying self-regulation on children’s communication policy.
20 people participated in the project, generating 320 ideas and 26 Concepts.