We are a collaborative consultancy company, working in the areas of Marketing, Innovation and Sales.

We are living in crazy times and solutions that worked in the past no longer do.
Those who want to change the game, need to find new ways to solve complex-problems.
We can help you find solutions. And it’s not rocket science 😉

It’s just a question of putting together:

  1. CREATIVITY | more and better ideas. Faster.
  2. COLLABORATION | teams work together to become part of the solution.


We believe that you will only unleash your full potential if you tap into the power of CREATIVE COLLABORATION. And that’s what we do. Just check now what we can do for you:

Boost your Team

How can we help you boost your teams and people?

  • Creative-collaboration training | Training programs to empower teams’ competences on collaboration, creativity and innovation. Learn more »
  • Collective energizing | Events to energize motivation and knowledge-sharing, that boost collective creativity. Learn more »
  • Strategic-inspiration tools | Inspiration Tools to provide your staff with the strategic creative-stimuli to allow innovative-thinking. Learn more »

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Solve your Problems

How can we help you find new solutions for your business?

  • Marketing re-invention | from old to new
  • New products and services development | from insight to innovation
  • Sales performance acceleration | from maturity to growth
  • New business-models design | from opportunity to new venture
  • Custom-made problem-solving | according to specific needs Learn more »

More about our Creative-Problem Solving process…